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Why can’t I lose weight after pregnancy? Check 5 reasons

Getting rid of excessive weight fter giving birth is quite a challenge. Among other things, there are certain factors that make it impossible to lose weight after pregnancy. What are the reasons for this? And how do you get rid of excessive weight after pregnancy?

You will find answers to these and other questions below. We will start with an issue that should come up every time we talk about losing weight after pregnancy. Under no circumstances should this be done immediately after birth. Experts indicate that the best time to do so is after breastfeeding.

You will, of course, find people on the web who will convince you that there is nothing to worry about and that you should take care of losing weight right after the baby is born. But this really is not a good idea for many reasons. And now we will focus on the question ‘Why can’t I lose weight after pregnancy? There may be many reasons for this but we will deal with the most common ones.

Table of contents

  1. Excessive stress and sleep deprivation
  2. Excess food
  3. inactivity
  4. Pregnancy habits
  5. lack of motivation
  6. Post-pregnancy slimming – tips

1. Excessive stress and sleep deprivation

These are basically two possible causes of the problems of weight loss after pregnancy, but we are putting them under one heading. For a very simple reason, they usually occur together. Well, one can ‘drive’ the other. Prolonged sleep deprivation increases stress levels. The other way round, the same thing happened.

xcessive stress

I don’t think it is necessary to explain where the sleep problems and excessive stress after pregnancy come from. The important question is how this affects the problems associated with losing excessive weight. Sleep deprivation, especially one that is prolonged, causes the body to become unstable. This includes the digestive system. One effect is a slower metabolism.

Excessive stress is associated with high levels of cortisol. First of all, it causes increased accumulation of fat tissue on the stomach, as well as around the neck and face. Secondly, high levels of cortisol increase the body’s demand for “something sweet”. The effect is easy to predict. However, it is worth noting that there are people who lose weight due to excessive stress and do not become fat.

2. Excess food

Just like that. Usually, during breastfeeding, a young mother makes sure that healthy and wholesome meals land on her plate. And of course that is very good. We do not urge anyone to do otherwise. However, it may happen that there is simply too much of this food. It is very often the case that healthy products are combined with those not necessarily praised by dieticians. But they do bring some ‘relief’.

Excess food

And this is very often followed by a revenge with additional kilograms. At the same time, it can make it much more difficult for you to lose weight after pregnancy. It certainly lengthens the whole process.

3. inactivity

Undoubtedly, we do not disown the amount of work that awaits a mother after the birth of her child. However, it is precisely in connection with this work and, above all, fatigue that few people feel like a slightly more extensive form of activity. That is why you will have to prepare yourself well for the very choice of physical activity. Above all, you will need to know what you can do after the birth of your baby and what you should avoid.


4. Habits from pregnancy

These nine months can be a major overhaul of your lifestyle. From a person who has taken care of the line (also in terms of activity), you can change your priority by 180 degrees. We will do it again. There is nothing wrong or abnormal about it. Such habits may be related to your diet.

And we don’t necessarily mean chocolate pickled cucumber-style delicacies:). However, the amount of food as well as the increased number of meals, which is usually natural during pregnancy, may become something that you will not want to escape from. Unfortunately, this can result in problems. Among other things, the fact that you will not manage to lose weight after pregnancy.

Habits from pregnancy

It will be possible to change these ‘built up’ habits for nine months later. However, this is often so much of a problem that it does not make it easier to get rid of excessive body fat after giving birth.

5. Lack of motivation

In fact, in broader terms, there is a lack of strength to take care of the body after pregnancy. It cannot be repaid only to a lack of motivation resulting from the above-mentioned fatigue. These can be very serious problems, even “rubbing off” on depression. However, it is a fact that this lack of motivation is simply due to a lack of strength, but also to the time that should be devoted to the process of losing weight.

As far as these reasons are concerned, the following question arises. Can something be done? Yes, itt can. There are several principles to be remembered.

Post-pregnancy weight loss – tips

The first and also the most important is not to force youself. Do not do anything by force and without thinking and planning accordingly. Don’t throw yourself from one slimming diet to another because you can only hurt yourself.

The next rule and at the same time the tip is that it must be safe. Among other things, this means avoiding prolonged starvation. This does not promote weight loss.

Your diet after pregnancy should be healthy above all. It will be the first step to get rid of excessive fatty tissue that has appeared for nine months. The menu must be properly balanced. It contains all the most important ingredients as well as elements and vitamins. Those that will improve weight loss after pregnancy. The elements include zinc, magnesium and chromium.

Post-pregnancy weight loss

As far as vitamins supporting effective fat burning are concerned, the B group is the most important. It is present in many products (e.g. legumes, groats). Vitamin C is a specific fatty tissue scavenger. By the way, it supports immunity. Everyone knows how important this is for a young child.

How the menu should look like:

  • Green and red vegetables
  • Coarse-grained groats
  • Whole-grain pasta and brown rice
  • Marine fish
  • Poultry
  • Nuts

This is, of course, just an example. However, if you want to get rid of excessive body fat, it is worth investing in these products. What should you avoid on the menu? The list is not that long.


  • Fast food
  • Stews, canned food, etc.
  • A lot of sweets
  • White flour products
  • Deep-frying dishes

What about physical activity? Part of the problem has already been addressed above. The first form of exercise after the birth of a child is walking. You can start walking in a few days’ time. It is best to decide on training, at the beginning with low intensity. However, it is worth noting here that much in the latter case depends on individual issues. It needs to born in mind.

Certainly, at the beginning (more or less after a month) it is worth starting exercises that will not strain your spine. Pilates is one of the solutions. Then introduce areobic exercises. These will turn up the burning of fat tissue. Don’t get into your stomach muscles. That means not right away. If you want to fight for the figure right after the birth of the baby, wait about 2 months with this muscle. And don’t overload it once you have started exercising.

If you want to lose weight after pregnancy, remember to regenerate. It can be very difficult to regenerate without it. You are not a robot. 9 months of pregnancy have done their job. Firstly, you will now need more time to regenerate and rest. Secondly, as we have already mentioned, do not start losing weight immediately after the birth. These first few weeks should be time to regenerate.

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