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Potatoes and slimming. Do they help to lose weight?

On the one hand, they are being judged from honour and faith by the overweight fighters. On the other hand, many people indicate that potatoes help to lose weight. What is this like in reality? What else can they offer?

Table of contents

  1. What are potatoes?
  2. What is a potato?
  3. The most important properties of potatoes
  4. Potatoes and beauty
  5. Potatoes and slimming. Help or harm?
    1. How to use potatoes in your diet?

What are potatoes?

The questions in the introduction are answered below. However, we will start from the beginning. What a potato is everyone can see. But did you know that there are over 200 of these plants in the wild? Do you know that there are more than 1,000 varieties grown? Do you know that it comes from America? In the wild state it is practically from the United States to Uruguay.

But the research that has been done on this plant shows that it comes from Peru. It has been known for at least 7 000 years. It has a pretty long history, right? The Spanish are responsible for bringing potatoes into Europe. They first appeared in the second half of the 16th century. In less than three hundred years, potatoes have become an extremely important part of the diet of many European countries.

What are potatoes

It appears under many names in our culture. A potato, a wig, a grill, a bulb and a zimjok are some of them.

What does a potato have in it?

The answer to this question will help us to understand what the properties of plants are made of. Its basic ingredient is starch. So we have carbohydrates. They can make up 12 to 21% of the potato. There are also amino acids in this plant. You could even say that they are the second most important ingredient in potatoes.

What does it look like with the elemental content? Among other things, potassium, chlorine, calcium, iron, sulphur and iodine are present. The latter, for example, affects the weight loss effect of potatoes. But let us not anticipate the facts. This plant also contains vitamins. Among others, group B. With the greatest “emphasis” on B1, B2 and B6. There is also vitamin C in potatoes. And that is not enough.

The most important properties of potatoes

The first is good news for people with problems with normal blood pressure. Potatoes, as mentioned, contain potassium. This element is essential for lowering blood pressure. It is also necessary to support normal heart function. It is also worth mentioning that potassium is linked to controlling the amount of water in our body.

Another property of potatoes is the presence of quite a large deposit of magnesium in them. Among other things, it affects the condition of the skeleton and dentition. But this is not the most important property of this element. It is extremely important for the nervous system. Among other things, magnesium deficiency is blamed for stress and, in the long term, depressive disorders.

properties of potatoes

However, it is not the case that you eat a few potatoes and have problems with your head. The solution needs to be looked at more broadly. Potatoes can be one of the ingredients on the menu to get rid of stress.

Due to the presence of B vitamins, the plant has even more properties. Between those related to the already mentioned nervous system. But that is not all. Vitamin B2, for example, supports the eyesight. More specifically, it protects against cataracts. A riboflavin deficiency manifests itself in a very characteristic way. It is the cracking of the skin in the corners of the mouth.

Vitamin B1, also present in potatoes, is associated, among other things, with the regulation of calcium metabolism in the body, which is responsible for the state of the skeletal system. It is also important for muscle contractility. It is therefore worth putting potatoes in your diet. And one cannot fail to mention that they are a very good source of energy needed for everyday functioning.

Potatoes and beauty

What is important is their raw form. It is in this form that they contain the most mentioned vitamin C. It is a strong antioxidant which has a significant and positive impact on the skin condition. First of all, with a raw potato, you can get rid of your circular eyes. It improves blood circulation. It also has a toning effect. Two slices of raw potato are enough. Crush them. Then place on a tissue, but not paper, and apply it to your eyes.

Potatoes and beauty

Perhaps the best known ability of a potato is to reduce skin discoloration. Again, it is needed in a raw form. It will help to get rid of, among other things, discolourations that occur as a result of sunlight on the skin. It also helps to reduce so-called senile spots.

The last skill of potatoes associated with beauty is the fight against acne. What is important is not the causes, but the symptoms, namely pimples and other skin changes. When you will get a pimple, a raw potato will be useful. One slice is enough. You should apply it to your skin for at least 30 minutes.

Potatoes and slimming. Help or harm?

It is time for the most important question. For years potatoes have been assigned to the role of “one of the most fattening vegetables”. This is wrong. Yes, they have a lot of simple sugars, but they are not very calorific. Their presence in a slimming diet should be approached as with all products. Just be reasonable.

Too much of anything can, in one way or another, harm your weight loss. Let us go back to potatoes. If you look around the web you will find many dietary menus. There is even a potato diet. It is attributed to a certain effectiveness. However, it is worth remembering that other products add a lot.. And how much weight can you lose on such a diet? Different numbers are given. Most often 4 kilograms in 14 days. And that is quite a good result. It is worth noting that this potato diet is quite monothematic. Two meals must contain potatoes. So it is better to build a slightly more elaborate menu.

Potatoes and slimming

Potatoes contain a lot of fibre. This, as is well known, is very important in the process of burning excessive fatty tissue. It not only improves intestinal peristalsis and metabolism. To a large extent, it allows to reduce irrigation. Fibre also helps to clean the body of toxins. The latter hinder effective weight loss.

How to use potatoes on a diet?

The most fattening element of dishes with them are thick sauces. It is probably the most common addition to potatoes, salad and meat. Rather avoid this on your diet. But already potatoes with kefir – why not.

Avoid frying them. If you feel like a different form than boiled potatoes, decide to bake them. On a diet, young ones are better off. They are less calorific. On the other hand, “old” potatoes contain much more vitamin C. One curiosity that significantly improves the weight loss performance of this plant is the low temperature. If you want to reduce their calorific value, you have to cool them down quickly after cooking them.

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