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How to prepare for a diet to lose weight effectively?

Changing existing eating habits is a real stress for many of us. We imagine hundreds of scenarios in our heads that we will fail, something will go wrong. The problem is not just the fact of losing weight, but growing fears, reluctance and, ultimately, a lack of motivation. This affects many of us. Not everyone has enough self-denial to fill the next stages of the transformation without blinking an eye and take everything that fate will bring to the proverbial “chest”.

However, appropriate dietary planning and certain actions can help us to deal with the whole process. It does not matter whether you have already received your diet, or whether you are going to go to a dietician or create it yourself. This advice will certainly help you.

Table of content

  1. Start with a flashback
  2. Clean your house
  3. Plan your shopping
  4. Learn how to manage time
  5. Find activity for yourself
  6. Get your boxes
  7. Get motivated
  8. Summary

Start with a flashback

Patients are often asked to prepare a minimum of three days’ records of what they ate and what they did at the time before visiting the surgery. This is a great tool for the work of a dietitian, because it can then show us some of the mistakes we make.

Such a day after day ‘logbook’ will also help us. People often don’t pay attention to many things on the run. They forget about another cake caught on the way to work, and they don’t remember drinking another glass of favourite, sweet drink at all. They also do not realise that thwy eat very few meals during the day.

Start with a flashback

By analysing our own records, we can draw attention to certain shortcomings. When some habits are changed, they can be eliminated and not repeated ever again.

Clean your house

Instead of cleaning yourself, as some ‘tutorials’ advise, you better clean up your house. Various unhealthy products are just waiting to be seen and will be a temptation once you have switched to a reduction diet.

Since it is not a good idea to throw them away, after all we have paid for all this, you can put them a little deeper into the cabinets for a start. When we learn to control temptations, we can sometimes reach for a little bit. However, in the initial period of change this will be our enemy. The bigger problem is with things in the fridge, they will not lay down for so long. We can use them for different dishes and, when they run out, buy them less often. We can also throw a party to celebrate an important change in our lives. The most important thing is that harmful products disappear from our lives.

Sweets, sweet syrups, cakes, cookies and finished, processed products will definitely be most undesirable. All the rest can be used for some dishes, although in moderation.

Moderation also applies to the changes. Get rid of temptations gradually not suddenly. An unhealthy diet is like an addiction, a sudden change of 180 degrees can do more harm and only increase the desire to deviate from the diet.

Plan your shopping

If we want to make a difference in our own lives, we must learn to plan wisely. It is unacceptable for us to go shopping without a specific list of products we want to buy. This creates the risk that there will be things in the shopping basket that we do not need at all. In addition, there may be temptations to buy prohibited products.

When we receive a ready-made menu, we also create a list for it. That is why, the shopping is thoughtful and healthy.

Learn how to manage time

It is difficult to talk about diet and cooking when there is no time for everything during the day. It takes a lot of work, but it is worthwhile for us to be able to manage it a little. Various types of planners can help. We write down in them exactly all the things we have to do that day. It is often the case that we start from the assumption ‘if I succeed, I will do it’. However, this does not work at all. We do not have any compulsion and time flies between our fingers. The list of ‘things to do’ clearly states the conditions. We have to do all these things, and the rest of the time is ours. You will be surprised how much time we have left.

Find activity for yourself

We will have it left for physical activity, for example. This is an important thing, not only when it comes to weight loss, but above all health. Systematic movement means less risk of cardiovascular diseases, bone and joint diseases, muscle ailments or nervous system disorders.

Find activity for yourself

Activity does not necessarily mean a few hours spent at the gym or fitness club. 30 minutes of any movement per day is enough. It can be a walk or a bicycle ride. If we enjoy a sporting discipline, why not indulge in passion even if it is amateurish. It is an additional energy cost for us, and thus more effective weight loss. Well-planned activity combined with a change in eating habits will no longer require an additional reduction diet.

Get your boxes

Yes, in boxes. You have probably heard of a box diet. It is not only ready-made meals, packed in containers by a catering company, but also what we will prepare at home and take with us to work or school. Most of the written down diets is 4 or 5 meals a day. That’s a good thing, because we have better control over hunger and hormone management is regulated. We have energy all day long, which also translates into better results in every aspect.

Get motivated

Reading about successful people is only a reason for some people to be more complex, so we have to be careful with that. It is better to pursue goals together with someone close to us. It can be a colleague, a husband or a wife. We will benefit most when support comes from the family. Cooking common meals for everyone will give the feeling that we are doing this not only for ourselves but also for others.

We can also be supported in our free time, the way we spend time. A favourite film, after which we feel that we have more energy. Music, after which we feel like we can move mountains. Such small factors can help us a lot before and during the decision to change.


A sensible approach to planned slimming will be the key to success. Let’s not try to change your whole life diametrically at once, but start slowly and gradually. Let’s look at what we have done wrong or not done well so far. Let us try to introduce healthy eating habits not only at home, but also at our loved ones. Let us learn to plan our days in order to find time for dietary activities, but also to spend our free time as we like. Let’s also look for things that will motivate us to act. Such preparations will make the whole process of weight loss run more smoothly and will not be a great challenge for us, but a part of everyday life. After all, this is what a change of habits is supposed to be – permanently.

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