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How to lose 15 kg at 50?

This is a very common topic on “health and beauty” Internet forums. Many people are looking for the answer to the following question: How to lose weight at 50? 5, 10 or even 15 kilograms. The answer to this question can be found bellow.

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Slim down at 50 – why is it difficult?

There are really many reasons for this. However, we will take care of a few most common ones. Let us start with physical activity or rather a lack of it. Few can boast of a physically healthy body at this age. That is 50 years of activity. 50 years of destroying the body because that is how it has to be said. Some forms of exercise, useful during weight loss, will therefore be impossible to introduce. This is because of certain physical limitations.

Slim down at 50

The second factor which makes it difficult to lose weight after 50 is hormones. Both women and men of that age are very ‘crazy’. They affect many issues related to the functioning of the body, including the gastrointestinal tract (metabolism, disposal of body fat).

The third factor was triggeredm, which is metabolism. It starts slowing down much earlier. But it is at around 50 years of age that it is most noticeable. Armed with such knowledge, let us move on to what we are most interested in here.

How to lose weight after fifty – tips

If you want to effectively get rid of overweight in your 50s, you have to stick to specific rules. Firstly, look at your eating habits.

1. what is allowed, what is not allowed to eat

Very often, we do not realise how much food harms us. These are certain habits that have been taken up over the years, which take their revenge after the age of 50 when the metabolism clearly slows down. This is not a time when you can afford to eat with impunity or high-calorie meals. If you want to lose weight, your diet must be healthy. And, of course, you need to reduce its calorific value.

healthy menu

A healthy diet includes:

  • More vegetables (vitamins and fibre)
  • Reduction of fats of animal origin
  • Appropriate amount of protein (milk products, eggs, fish and poultry)
  • Reduction of salt and sugar
  • More complex carbohydrates at the expense of ‘simple’ ones
  • Disposal of highly processed products
  • Presence of Omega fatty acids

These are the basic rules that describe menus that will allow you to lose weight if you are already in your fifties. However, you will probably have to modify it. In this case, it will help.

2. Visiting a dietician

If you don’t feel up to creating a menu to help you lose weight yourself, such a visit is essential. However, you have to prepare yourself before you go on a visit. Arm yourself with some information. A visit to the doctor will be useful.

Visiting a dietician

Your health and the previously mentioned hormones are the key to success. This is essential information, thanks to which the dietitian will be able to prepare recommendations for you. As a reslut, you will be able to lose a few kilograms (or maybe even 15).

3. Movement is health, but…

As has been mentioned, after the age of 50, physical activity must be approached very carefully. Due to health restrictions. This does not change the fact, however, that movement is compulsory if you want to lose weight after the age of 50.

Movement is health

However, when choosing a form of activity, pay attention to the state of the skeletal system and, above all, the joints. The pain of the latter will make exercise very difficult. Additionally, the activity overloading the joint and skeletal system is a simple way to get injured. Unfortunately, the process of rehabilitation after the age of fifty can be very long and difficult.

An interesting idea for physical activity can be a visit to a swimming pool. Bicycle, in a limited time and regular walks are recommended. Remember about one more thing. Regular exercise is influenced by the control of hormone levels in the body.

4. reduce stress

This is the next step, if you want to lose weight in your fifties. We do not lack stress at any age. But again, after 50, it has a much worse effect on the body. It is worth pointing out that stress and the associated problems can make it very difficult to lose excessive weight. Hormones emitted by stress, including cortisol, lead to uncontrolled eating.

reduce stress

5. Good motivation to lose weight

It is health that is the most effective motivator. Getting rid of 5 kilos will have a major impact on the state of the skeletal system and joints. A weight loss of 15 kilos after the age of 50 has a huge, positive impact on health.

Good motivation to lose weight

6. remember about herbs

Spice up your meals and, conswquently, the taste will be enriched. Give up your favourite dishes. Secondly, use salt to enhance the taste of your food. Herbs will replace it. And by the way, they have many interesting properties which are useful for weight loss. They support metabolism, promote fat burning and improve digestion. Which herbs to bet on? Thyme, basil, oregano and marjoram. This is the absolute basis.


How do you lose 15 kilos at 50?

You have to prepare yourself for the long way. In principle, a healthy diet and regular exercise should become your ‘normal’ way of life. Of course, There are some limitations that should be kept in mind. However, they should not be treated as an excuse not to fight against harmful excess weight.

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