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How to find motivation to lose weight? Discover 10 effective ways

It may not only be difficult to start the fight against overweight. It can also be difficult to stay in it. So how do you find the motivation to lose weight? The following ways will be useful to you. Simple and effective.

Table of contents

  1. Effective slimming – prepare a plan
  2. Motivation to lose weight – a serious approach
  3. Health – the best motivation
  4. The “external” motivation to lose weight
  5. Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge
  6. Awareness as a motivator
  7. Brag to your family and friends
  8. Build yourself up mentally
  9. Avoid mirrors
  10. Imagine a new life

1. Effective slimming – prepare a plan

That is where we should actually start. Of course, it is not the case that without a plan, you cannot lose excessive weight. However, the definition of certain ‘guidelines’ will provide a very good motivation to lose weight.

Effective slimming

What should such a plan contain? First and foremost, the goal. It is the amount of kilos you want to lose. This is the most important question. Is it supposed to be 3, 5 or maybe more? However, it is important that it is a real target. Otherwise, you will become discouraged quickly. The plan should also include at least an approximate menu. It is also worth considering the days when you will be shopping. This also makes it possible, for example, to prepare some of your meals for stock.

2. the motivation to lose weight – a serious approach

What does this actually mean? The best motivation to lose weight is performance. That is obvious. If you care about your slim figure, you should take your weight loss seriously. Stick to the above mentioned plan, the daily menu and also remember about physical activity. The principle is quite simple. If you don’t put yourself in the whole process, you can forget about the impressive results.

the motivation to lose weight

3. Health – the best motivation

If you are wondering why it is worth losing weight at all, we strongly recommend checking what the risk of being overweight is. It is not only a physical health hazard. The psyche also suffers from it. Take a look at the research on how excessive kilograms influence the development of stress.

Overweight causes:

  • Increased risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Heart disease
  • Skeletal problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Cancer (e.g. large intestine)

The health problems mentioned above seem to be an excellent motivation to lose weight. They should even be.

4. “External” motivation to lose weight

What does this actually mean? It is primarily a question of appearance. A slim figure, no tummy and no “bacon”. And this is a really effective motivation to lose weight. However, it is worth keeping one thing in mind. It is a way to start the whole process. But in order to stay in it and get the planned results, you will need something more.

5. knowledge, knowledge, knowledge

Generally speaking, in order to get rid of excessive body fat effectively, you need to assimilate a lot of information about how to lose weight. What to avoid? What should you eat? What elements, vitamins and other ingredients affect the whole process.


Knowledge is a very effective motivation to lose weight. And an additional bonus when you get rid of excessive body fat. People who try to lose weight “blindly” without knowing what to avoid and what helps, usually finish very quickly, often with extra kilograms.

6. Consciousness as a motivator

Awareness will be useful in shopping. Reading labels is the absolute basis. Knowledge of possible dietary risks during weight loss greatly facilitates the latter process.

Conscious shopping will help you to avoid “fit food” traps. It also means a much smaller amount of salt and sugar in your diet. Reading the labels will allow you to see how much, these two ingredients, appear in different products.

7. brag to your family and friends

No. Not with results. There will come a time for that. Brag about the fact that you want to start fighting overweight. Family and friends can be your best motivation to lose weight. Assuming that they do not disturb you. And even better still, if, in addition to cheering, they join in the fight against excessive kilos themselves. This will make it easier for you to avoid the traps, for example sweets at home, that lurk during weight loss.

8. build yourself up mentally

Everyone has their own ways of doing this. One of the ways to motivate you to lose weight effectivel is to juxtapose your current figure with an idea of what you will gain or actually lose weight. The easiest way to look at clothes is to look at them. The clothes you have to wear now because of the large waistline. And the ones you will be able to put on later. This really has a very positive effect on the consciousness. And thanks to that it becomes an effective motivation to lose weight.

9. Avoid mirrors

What kind of way is that? – someone will ask. It is a very good motivation to lose weight. The less you look at your reflection during the whole process, the better. It works very simply. It is like weighing yourself down. If you do it once a week, for example, the effects will be more noticeable. And that is very motivating. So try to “admire” in the mirror the effects of losing weight not too often. Especially at the beginning.

10. Imagine a new life

This particularly motivates people who are seriously overweight. Focus on what you will gain from losing weight. It is not just about the eye-catching figure.

It is also about feeling better, less stressed out. Losing weight also helps to increase self-esteem. This in turn affects other aspects of everyday life. Do not forget about the positive health-related effects of losing weight. What problems can you avoid with this. This should motivate you to lose weight effectively.

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The new beginning
The new beginning

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