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Avocado for slimming. What are its properties and does it help to lose weight?

It is a fruit that has made a dizzying career in the last few years among supporters of a healthy lifestyle. Does avocado help lose weight? What are its properties? The answers to this question, and much more, can be found below.

Table of contents

  1. What is avocado?
  2. What is the composition of avocado?
  3. What properties does avocado have?
  4. Avocado and beauty
  5. Avocado for slimming
  6. How to eat avocado?

What is avocado?

We will start with a relatively small dose of knowledge from encyclopedia. The correct name of our hero today is Smaczliwka wdzięczna. Charmingly true?:) The tree which “bears” fruit is evergreen. Originally it grew only in the southern part of Mexico. From this area, it has spread to North America among others. If you visit South America, you will also notice this tree.

What is avocado

The fruit itself is very popular in many cuisines. In Mexico, for example, it appears in the form of sauce, namely guacamole. You have certainly heard of it). In Japan, vegetarian sushi is made from it. However, avocado also has properties used in natural medicine as well as in cosmetics. And you will see all this in a moment.

What is the composition of avocado?

First of all, this fruit is famous for its abundance of amino acids. There are as many as 14 of them, among the most important, those present in the greatest number, are: aspartic and glutamic acids, lucine, lysine, tyrosine and valine. However, amino acids are not all that make avocados rich. Its composition is really impressive.

As far as the elements are concerned, phosphorus and potassium are the leading elements. Iron, calcium and zinc, among other things, are also in the composition. Vitamins, mainly group B, but also C, A and E are present. The most frequently cited richness of avocados cannot be overlooked either. These are fatty acids that our body needs.

What properties does avocado have?

Before we move on to its potential impact on weight loss, we will focus on what natural medicine owes to it. The history of this fruit is really long. Archaeology points to 7 thousand years.

Avocado, due to the presence of a large amount of potassium, is recommended as a natural way to protect the heart and the entire circulatory system. This fruit controls the pressure to some extent. But that is not all. It is precisely thanks to the presence of potassium that avocados also support water management. In addition, it influences the work of the brain.

What properties does avocado have

When describing the properties of avocados, it is strong antioxidants that has to be mentioned. They primarily deal with excessive amounts of free radicals. And they are dangerous.

Free radicals, among others:

  • They lead to damage to blood vessels (atherosclerosis)
  • They contribute to diabetes, duodenal arteritis and kidney inflammation
  • They contribute to lung, skeletal and reproductive cancers
  • They accelerate skin aging
  • They have a negative effect on brain functions

It is therefore worth putting avocados on your menu. Another feature of avocado is related to the presence of lutein. Thanks to its properties, it is possible to take care of eyesight.

The anticancer effect of avocados should also be mentioned. This is due to the presence of healthy fatty acids. How will they help? Well, thanks to them our body assimilates lycopene, which is found in tomatoes, much better. It has an anti-cancer effect. its properties will be discussed below.

Another avocado skill also helps to keep us healthy longer. This fruit has an effect on cholesterol levels. In a nutshell, avocado ingredients help to reduce the amount of what is described as bad cholesterol and to raise the good one, more specifically the lipid fractions.

Avocado and beauty

It works on the appearance in two ways. First, it works on the inside. The presence of these antioxidants slows down the skin ageing process. Avocado mask is a natural solution for irritation. But that is not all.

Avocado and beauty

Avocado moisturises the skin perfectly. It is a component of many home masks. In fact, extracts from this fruit are also in professional cosmetics. It is a natural way to keep swollen eyes moist. Avocado masks improve the condition of your hair. There are really quite a few properties.

Avocado for slimming down

It is high time to answer the question from the introduction. Although you have probably already guessed. This is how avocados are recommended to be used in the diet during weight loss, in reasonable quantities. Like everything. Firstly, you have to eliminate animal fats in your diet. It can be done in favour of plants. Avocados will be one of the sources.

It contains healthy Omega fatty acids. And that is a certain disadvantage of this fruit. It is quite calorific. However, reasonable amounts on a diet are recommended. In any case, it is enough to look through the menus, which are full on the web. Avocados have taken an important place in them for several years.

Avocado for slimming down

How else does it help with the diet? It is able to cope with its greatest enemy, which is a lack of motivation.. We are talking about eating. It is simple. Eating avocado will saturate you. And that means no eating between meals. Last, but not least, a skill which binds avocados to weight loss is the presence of vitamin C. This last ingredient is essential in the fight against excessive weight.

How to eat avocados?

The recipe is the whole weight. Avocados are very often used as an ingredient in pastes. You can prepare it from this fruit and egg. Such a paste will work well as an addition to tortillas. The guacamole mentioned above may in turn be part of a chicken and vegetable salad. A great lunch during the diet.

Avocados in the form of cubes can also be a part of salads. And for breakfast, you can have toast with this fruit and, for example, fried egg. There are many possibilities.

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