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15 popular exercises for a great looking belly!

Thanks to them you will be able to get rid of the excessive amount of fat tissue. You have a set of popular stomach exercises in your reach. They are good for both beginners and those looking for new forms of physical activity to add variety to their training plan.

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How to do belly exercises?

There are a few questions that should be asked before starting a set. Many people are looking for answers to the question how to do stomach exercises. Internet forums are “bursting” with topics on this very aspect. First of all, your abdominal training needs to be regular in order to have a sculpted abdomen.

It is very important to choose the right intensity for your abilities and condition. This will prevent you from giving up activity. It also affects the appearance of an injury. Another issue is the choice of exercises themselves. So that it is effective.

How to do belly exercises

There is one very important thing. Belly exercises are not enough. It is worth taking care of the whole figure. You will need a little more movement. In addition to taking care of your abdominal muscles, choose a bicycle, running or a visit to the pool. It does not have to be tiring. It is important to be active regularly.

Warm-up before a workout

No matter what you do, you will not be able to do without the former. However, the warm-up must include the type of physical activity. The following three exercises are an absolute minimum.

1. Cobblers


Yes, it is exactly the exercise which is one of the basic exercises performed in elementary school. Cobblers are an aerobic exercise. It involves different parts of muscles. Clownfish speeds up the pulse and thus improves blood flow.

2. Running in place

Running in place

In fact, you can start the warm-up with this exercise. A motion in place for a few minutes will allow the body to “start”. To some extent, prepare it for exercises on a good-looking belly. Such a spot motion for a long time (for example, a dozen or so minutes) can be a problem for the spine and joints.

3. “Hands to feet”

Hands to feet

Thanks to this exercise you will warm up the muscle parts, which you will need during the “fight” for a flat belly. Lie down on the floor. At the same time, lift your upper body and straighten your legs. Try to touch the latter with your hands. What is important, do not tear your hips off the ground.

Exercise on a flat stomach

1. Bellies


This is the most popular abdominal exercise. But it is worth knowing that it is not the most effective. Instead, it can be easily done by anyone and everywhere. All you need is a piece of flooring (or you can put a mat on it). Lie down on your back. The lower part should be “glued” to the floor. Put your hands behind your head and start exercising. Try to lift only the upper part of the body, while pinning the abdominal muscles. The number of repetitions depends on the degree of progress.

2. Attachments


Attachments is another popular exercise for a great-looking belly. Of course, not only this part of the body can be trained with them. Another advantage of squats is that they are trivial to do. To get the best possible results, they must be done properly. What does that mean? The feet should be spaced out over the shoulder width. If you want to improve the efficiency of the squats, you should clamp the muscles of the buttocks when you squat.

3. “Scissors”


This is a very effective exercise to improve the appearance of the abdomen. Lie down on the floor. The lumbar region must be adjacent to the floor. Lift your legs straight and alternately bring them close to the floor. Importantly, do not put your legs on it. Remember that your back must not be detached from the floor.

4. the trunk bows lying down

This is a stomach-looking exercise that anyone can do. Lie down on a flat surface. Pull your arms over your head. Then clasp the abdominal muscles. Lift your legs (straightened in the knees). This is to reach a 45 degree angle to the ground. Lift the head, shoulders and arms in this position. Try to touch your fingers to the knees. Then return to the starting position.

5. “Side board”

Side board

Abdominal exercises are very important. At the same time, it is easy to do. Start by taking the “board” position. Your body will have three support points. Take the position as if you wanted to do push-ups. The front part of your body will rest on your shoulders. Straighten your body while lifting your hips. Now move to the “side board” position, turn the body sideways and raise your hand.

6. Tightening the knees

Tightening the knees

In this exercise you will need to master the “board” described above. It also helps to get the flat belly of your dreams. Take the position of the board. Except that you do not lean on your forearms but on your straight hands. Then pull your knees to your stomach.

7. Lifting your legs overhanging

Lifting your legs overhanging

It is a somewhat very complicated exercise. All you need is a stick to do it at home. It is not a common exercise for abdominal muscles. But it is worth doing it. What position should you take? Hang on the stick freely with your hands straightened out. Then lift your legs slowly bent in the knees. The goal is to touch your chest with them. Then return to your starting position.

8. Bowling


It is another popular flat belly exercise since it is easy to do. Just lie down on the floor and put your hands behind your head. Then alternately move your elbows to the “opposite” leg. Keep your stomach tight. This is the essence of this exercise.

9. Touch the hands of your feet

It is very simple to do this exercise. Lie down on the floor. Pull your hands along your body. This is the basic position. Then lift your upper body and bring your hands closer to your feet. Do it alternately. Right hand to left leg. Left to right. Importantly, these movements should be fast. You must have a tight stomach during the exercise itself.

10. Bellies turned around

In this case, the number of repetitions is limited. When you start to lift your hips quite abruptly during the exercise, this is a sign to stop. Lie down on your back. Your hands should be straight behind your head. The exercise itself should be performed with some heavy furniture. Put your hands under it. In such a position, legs should be raised vertically. Then, bend your knees slightly and tighten the abdominal muscles, press the back to the floor. Lift your hips up while exhaling.

11. Lift your hips

It is another exercise to get your belly flat. Lie down on your right side. Place your upper body on your right elbow. Left hand on hip. While exhaling, lift your hips so that your body is in a straight line. Then return to your starting position.

12. Cradle

Sit down on the floor and bend your legs. Lift your feet slightly. Try to keep your balance in this position. This exercise is not the easiest one, especially for beginners. Under no circumstances should you give up. If you master all the exercises appropriately, your belly will become flat and free of excessive fat.

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