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10 proven methods to eliminate excessive fat

Shoulders are the places in the body where excessive kilograms look really bad. That is why it is necessary to have proven methods to get rid of excessive fat. Many of them are really simple.

Table of contents

  1. Why is fat accumulated on shoulders
  2. What are the methods used to get rid of excessive fat?
    1. increase the amount of protein
    2. less “bad” fat
    3. more healthy fat
    4. Pumps for dropping excessive fat off your shoulders
    5. biceps training
    6. Visit the gym
    7. Season the food properly
    8. Eliminate stress.
    9. Plants supporting fat burning
    10. Take care of the vitamin C

Why is fat accumulated on the shoulders?

First, the answer to this questions will be given. There may be several reasons and, that is why, it is worth knowing. First and foremost, and obviously, it is a bad diet. It is not necessary to explain what that means to anyone. A vast amount of unhealthy and caloric food for a long time will result in “fatty shoulders”, as well as stomach and thighs.

fat accumulated on the shoulders

Another reason for this situation is age. The older we get, the slower the metabolism gets. However, it is not the only negeative effect. Usually at some age people just stop moving but they we also do ordinary, everyday activities. And this can have an effect on our shoulders.

The next cause is hormonal changes. The latter can occur not only when people get older. Thyroid problems will be the best example here. The last reason for excessive fat on the shoulders is too much refined sugar in the daily diet. Sugar is added to many food products and it is worth keeping this in mind.

What are the methods to get rid of excessive fat?

Most of these methods are easy to introduce. Just remember the regularity. These methods are also free of side effects (which is extremely important for safe weight loss).

1. Increase the amount of protein

This is advice that usually comes in the context of building muscle mass. But in fact, by getting rid of fat from your shoulders, such an effect can occur. The size of this effect will depend on the next steps. By increasing the amount of protein in your daily diet, you will help burn fat. It also helps at many levels related to maintaining the correct weight. It is important to take a look at the results of one of the studies on this subject.


Let us go back to the protein in the diet. What are the best sources? These are milk products, poultry, eggs and fish. And that is enough.however, there is a warning. Too much protein can strain the liver and cause some side effects.

2. Less “bad” fat

That is pretty obvious advice. However, you would be surprised how often the level of this ingredient in the daily diet is not controlled. Less fat is more likely to burn the excess.

bad fat

What do you look at in your menu? Fatty meat is off the menu. So does the use of fat for frying and baking. It will be enough to take care of your figure.

3. More healthy fat

These are Omega acids in particular. Their influence is known not only on the process of losing excessive kilograms. They are also used by our brains. Thanks to Omega acids they work much more efficiently. We absorb information more easily and have no problems with concentration.

healthy fat

Where do you get them from? The fish you mentioned should be included in the menu. Marine, to be precise. They are the best source of Omega acids. Don’t forget the nuts either. (The more attention I give below). Add olive oil to the dishes.

4. Pump the excessive fat off your shoulders

Time for some activity. Remember the regularity. It is one of the necessary elements if you want to get rid of the fat; not only from shoulders. Pumping is a very easy exercise. It can be done by practically everyone.


I only have one point. If you have weak shoulders, start calmly. Do not overload your shoulders. Do not do push-ups. The only thing you can gain from this is an injury.

5. Biceps training.

This will get the fat out of the shoulders and back. These are usually “coexisting” problems. You will find a lot of exercise for the two-headed muscle on the web. When selecting them, first of all, be guided by your abilities. If you have not been physically active so far, there is no need to throw yourself into deep water. The risk of injury should effectively stop you from doing so. The following exercises will help you to be a little more active.

6. Visit the gym

The exercises described above can, of course, be done calmly at home. However, if you want to get rid of excessive fat effectively, it is time to go to the gym or fitness club. And just as with the two ways above. Do not start with a high C. Relax, the effects will definitely come. Remember to be regular.

Among other things, a fixed visit time will help to keep it regular. Many people choose the morning for physical activity. It is certainly a good time during the day to start your metabolism.

7. Season the food properly

Let us get back to the menu. It is obligatory to give up salt during the diet. This “unfortunately” has the ability to extract taste from the food. It is possible to use other spices for this purpose. And these are the ones that simultaneously support fat burning from different parts of the body. Of course, chilli is most often used in this context. This spice belongs to natural thermogenics.

Season the food properly

It is essential to add ginger, cinnamon and garlic to the food. If a so-called weak stomach is a problem, be careful with the amount of spices. Too much garlic can weigh down your liver.

8. Eliminate stress.

Is this really the way to get rid of excessove fat from the shoulders? Yeah. I will tell you more. By reducing stress, you will get rid of excess weight much faster. And by reversing the situation. If there are a lot of stressful situations in your daily life, you are quite likely to get fat. It can be a really big “excessive baggage”. The so-called stress hormones are responsible for the increased desire to eat. These include cortisol.

The way you deal with stress is left to your imagination. Of course, put it in safe ways. Maybe yoga? Maybe just breathing exercises?

9. Plants for fat burning

They work on every part of the body. They effectively help to get rid of excess fat from shoulders, but also from stomach and thighs. There are many such plants. They can be used in several ways. For example, by making tea out of them. There are three plants that are worth paying attention to. And use their “power”.

  • The common dandelion is a plant that mainly helps to get rid of toxins from the body. The latter makes it very difficult to get rid of fat tissue.
  • Peppermint is associated primarily with rescuing us after eating. This plant has a great influence on metabolism. Thanks to it you will get rid of excessive fat also from your arms.
  • Perz or more precisely its rhizome. It is a plant recommended as a way to have beautiful skin. It is also useful in the fight against excessive kilograms. Especially by its light laxative effect. Of course, do not use it too often.

10. take care of vitamin C

It’s one of the ingredients that supports fast fat burning. Vitamin C is a very strong antioxidant. This ingredient is often called “fat slayer”. Just include it in your daily diet. This will not be difficult because vitamin C is present in many products.

Especially the summer menu can be full of it. It can be found in tomatoes, white cabbage, broccoli and pepper. Remember also about the fruits: strawberries, gooseberries and currants.

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