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I’m on a diet, but I can’t lose weight. How do you start losing weight effectively?

I’m on a diet, but I can’t lose weight. How do I start losing weight effectively?

This is a problem that ignites more than one healthy lifestyle forum. There are many “I’m on a diet, but I can’t lose weight” style topics. And, of course, the questions “How to start losing weight effectively?”“. You will find useful tips below.

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I’m on a diet, but I can’t lose weight. Why?

We will start by dealing with it. Unfortunately, there are many possible reasons for that. But most of them are to “jump over.” Or they can be corrected so that they don’t get in the way.

The age is the reason with which we will start. The principle is quite simple. The older people are, the more trouble they have to get rid of excessive body fat. That is the first effect of slowing down metabolism. Secondly, the choice of physical activity is limited. The first factor can be corrected by using ways to speed up metabolism.

I can't lose weight

Another reason why people cannot lose weight is an inappropriate diet. It is really a vast topic. A badly-planned menu can include either too much or too little calories. In addition, of course, there are a lot of mistakes associated with poor selection of products that are in such a menu.

Why don’t you lose weight:

  • Too much sugar in a diet – Read product labels carefully!
  • Light products
  • Skipping meals, especially breakfast
  • Wrong proportions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats
  • Too little water
  • No fatty acids in the menu

The above described causes, as you can see, can be easily eliminated. But that is one thing. What can be done to actually start losing weight effectively? Just remember a few simple tips.

Radical weight loss – Do not start like that

Best of all, avoid starving. The result is not what you expect. I mean, there is a chance that the weight will drop. But that will not take long. Not only will the kilos come back, there will be extra ones. You will not escape the yo-yo effect.

Radical weight loss

But that is not the only point. If you want to get rid of excessive body fat, start with a little radical cut of calories. That way, you will avoid the problems associated with the latter. Firstly, side effects include such as weakness of the body (high risk of fainting), sleep disorders and worse concentration.

A gentle entrance into slimming also allows you to persevere in your decision to lose weight. For example, it avoids the biggest enemy during weight loss, i.e. eating.

Prepare yourself for a diet

And it is not just about physical issues but that is where we’ll start. A few days before the beginning of weight loss, it is worth evaluating the current diet. Include more water in your daily menu. Significantly reduce the number of snacks. There should be more vegetables for that. In this way the metabolism is supported, but also the removal of harmful substances from the body, which significantly hinder the disposal of fat burning.

But you also need to prepare yourself mentally for the diet. The attitude is extremely important. Suffice it to say that it is at the level of “head” that we often lose the fight against excessive weight. The factor that motivates you to lose weight is the reason why you want to do it.

Prepare yourself for a diet

A good look is a good motivator. Health is even better. Overweight can lead to serious problems. And at any age. I recommend research on teenagers for example (you will read about them here). The older we are, the more weight affects health.

And one more advice. Starting a diet with a new week really makes sense. And it increases the chance of losing weight effectively.

Remember a sensible diet

That is the only way you can lose weight. And you actually have two possibilities. If you do not feel up to it, go to a specialist. You can also prepare the menu yourself. It is best to write them down for a week right away. This makes it easier to prepare the dishes. This saves you time. Lack of the latter is one of the greatest enemies of effective weight loss.

What does “reasonable diet” actually mean? The first rule has already come up. He cannot be hungry. It is based on complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. When composing your diet, consider your daily activities. Physical workers should include this in the amount of calories in the menu.

Remember a sensible diet

On the subject of fats, it is important to reduce those of animal origin. Apart from fish, which are just a great source of Omega acids. The latter can also be found in nuts. Olive oil dominates the diet. It is the most frequently mentioned source of fat.

Protein is a very important ingredient for the effective weight loss. It is essential for this process. What sources of protein should be on the menu? Lean meat, dairy products and legumes are a must.

Finally, complex carbohydrates. Here the choice is considerable, oatmeal, bran, thick groats and brown rice. The menu should also include wholemeal pasta. These legumes will also come in handy.

Can’t you lose weight? You are missing the fiber

It is a very common situation. Usually there is too little fiber. And the reason is quite obvious. There are too few vegetables on the menu. They are the main source of fiber. Why is this ingredient so important?


First of all, it supports the metabolism. It affects intestinal peristalsis. Fiber also acts as a “jammer.” It sounds ugly, but it is essential during the diet. This way, you will avoid the greatest sin during weight loss, which is eating.

Bet on the natural acceleration of metabolism

I mean, spices that work that way. The most popular is chilli pepper. This is because of the content and action of capsaicin. Unfortunately, if you have a sensitive digestive system, this is not the solution for you.


But it does not close the way to a natural acceleration of metabolism. Similar to chilli, spices that work in a similar way range from ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin to marjoram. They will not only speed up your metabolism, but will also make your food taste more varied. It is really important on a diet. All the more so because you have to give up salt during your diet.

Plants to help you lose weight

You can make an herbal infusion from them. There are really many plants that support weight loss. And they do it in different ways. There are detoxifying plants, such as nettle and tricolour violet.

Peppermint will also be useful on a diet. It, in turn, primarily accelerates the process of digestion and thus also the absorption of certain ingredients, which in themselves support weight loss. We are talking here about vitamins and elements. The second group includes zinc and sulphur. Vitamins C, D and group B help with the diet.


The dandelion is also one of the plants that effectively support weight loss. Besides, it has many interesting properties. Among other things, dandelion is recommended as a natural remedy for skin diseases. It supports the body’s immunity. The nun shows diuretic effects. This helps prevent kidney disease. It also supports detox. The monk helps to keep blood sugar levels down. This is extremely important during a diet.

The last plant we will take care of is melissa. Its presence among plants that help to lose weight only at the beginning causes astonishment. Just look at its properties. Of course, it is best known for its soothing properties. This is important on a diet. Excessive stress makes it very difficult to lose weight.

Melissa stimulates the body to remove toxins from the body. It affects the secretion of gastric juices. Thanks to melissa, there will be more of them. And this supports the metabolism and the whole process of weight loss. By the way, melissa is a great natural solution for stomach problems. For example, those related to over-eating.

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