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How can you lose weight from your belly and waist quickly? Discover 10 effective methods!

Excessive weight not only has a negative impact on self-esteem, but above all is dangerous for health. How to lose weight quickly? The answer to this question can be found below.

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Why to lose weight (not just from the stomach and aist)?

First of all, motivation is the first step. Self-esteem is a complicated matter because each of us is largely individual. However, there are some general factors related to the relationship between weight and psyche.

Why to lose weight

Firstly, the higher the weight, the higher the probability of dividing people. A sense of shame, a certain stigma appears very often. The latter aspect, due to certain cultural conditions, concerns mainly women. Men also deal with it but they simply do not pay attention to it. However, strictly health issues should convince you to lose weight from your beer belly.

The impact of weight loss on health

The physical issue will be the great concern . A great deal of research has been carried out over the last few decades and many scientific papers on this subject have been written (here you will read one of them). So we will not reinvent the wheel here, let us use this knowledge.

Overweight can lead to:

  • Increased risk of hypertension
  • Huge risk of myocardial infarction
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Skeletal problems
  • Negative effect on the respiratory system
  • Problems with joints
  • Weakened condition
  • Hemoroids

And these are just a few of the possible problems. However, thay should convince you to fight overweight. It is time for 10 effective ways to lose weight quickly from your stomach and flanks.

1. increase the amount of protein in your diet

Under no circumstances am I persuading anyone to follow the fashionable Dukan-style diet. Excessive protein in the daily menu can lead to serious health problems. This does not change the fact that more and more diets put emphasis on increasing the amount of this component. Why do they decide on such a move?


On one hand, products that contain protein, such as milk, are low in calories. Moreover, fish contain additionally healthy fatty acids, which are needed on a diet,but it will be discussed later. So pay attention to the amount of protein in your diet. A lack of a proper amount of protein is to be blamed for problems with losing weight from your belly and waist. Protein also provides a feeling of satiety. The body also needs more energy to digest them.

2. Carbohydrates – don’t give up on all of them.

It is the carbohydrates that are usually mentioned as the cause of overweight. This is indisputable. But I would like to make a slightly different point. When we go on a diet, we throw away the simple sugars from the menu, that is… snacks, sweets. And that is what we usually miss them and, as a result, we end up breaking the diet. That is why, it is necessary not to get rid of simple carbohydrates so completely. Change the sources. Let them be fruit.


3. Water, water, water

This is one of the most frequently mentioned advice on fast weight loss from the abdomen and waist. It also helps to get rid of excessive fat from the thighs. And of course, it usually says “drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day”, but I will approach the subject a little differently. The first thing is that too much water can be dangerous to health. Such a situation is called hypotonic conductivity.


That does not mean you have to avoid more water. Drink as much as you need. At the same time, you should be aware that water is also fruit and vegetables. This is often not taken into account in the context of fluid weight loss from the stomach and waist.

4. Vegetables, vegetables and again vegetables

This is another simple way to get rid of your excessive weight quickly. Usually in the context of vegetables the fibre content is mentioned (about this ingredient below), but I would like to draw attention to another aspect. And it is not about their next advantage, which is their low calorie content.

Vegetables during weight loss will be responsible for providing vitamins and elements. Their deficiency in the diet is very easy. Your body will suffer from it above all. Deficiencies of some of the vitamins and elements can cause big problems. For example, the result of such a situation may be a significant weakening of the immunity, concentration disorders or problems with the nervous system. And this is just the beginning.


A separate issue is vegetables that provide vitamins and elements that are essential for the very process of losing excess body fat.

5. take care of the fiber

Fiber will be provided with the vegetables, among other things. Why is fibre so important during weight loss? First, it is necessary to explain what it really is. Dietary fiber is the parts of plants that our digestive system cannot digest. And that is what makes it useful to the body. Dietary fiber is not only vegetables, but also legumes and whole grain products. This component is, among other things, “food” for the cultures of bacteria present in our body.


Fiber gives us a feeling of satiety. This is followed by smaller portions that we eat during the day. To be more precise, it will be easier for us to keep an eye on them. A diet with the right amount of fibre supports intestinal peristalsis effectively and improves the excretion of fatty acids. And this has a positive effect on the acceleration of weight loss. And we must not forget that fiber reduces the risk of colorectal cancer.

6. Bet on vitamins and elements to help you lose weight.

I already mentioned them above. They are a particular group that has a direct or indirect impact on the fight against kilos. And if you really want to lose weight quickly, you cannot do it without them. The good news is that you do not have to look for secret and unreachable sources. These are public products.

Vitamins to help you lose weight:

  • Vitamin C – contains tyrosine, a compound that speeds up fat burning. It takes part in the process of metabolism. You will find it in most vegetables. Vitamin C is also citruses, but also currants and gooseberries.
  • Vitamin D – The right amount of vitamin D in the body improves the fat burning process. This ingredient also reduces stress. The excessive amount of Vitamin D makes slimming difficult. You will find it in fish and eggs. Remember about walking since Vitamin D is also in sunshine
  • B vitamins – these are mainly found in legumes and groats. Vitamins from this group affect the process of weight loss on many levels. Some directly – for example, on metabolism. Others, for example, by improving the functioning of the nervous system and reducing stress.

Elements useful for weight loss:

  • Magnesium – A deficiency in this mineral has a negative effect on glucose levels. The result will be “body taunting”. Magnesium also has an effect on stress. This element is found, among others, in cereal products, rice and groats.
  • Zinc is a mineral which is of great importance for the functioning of our entire body. Enough to write that its deficiency causes huge problems. We are most interested in the fact that zinc participates in the process of transformation of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It also increases the metabolism. This element occurs in seafood, bran, brassica vegetables and tomatoes.
  • Chromium – it is a component of supplements supporting the weight loss process. Chromium primarily reduces your appetite. Consequently, it reduces the need for food during the day. And it reduces eating. Chromium is present in coarse-grained groats, cereal products and broccoli, among others.

7. Keep you awake

I do not mean the idea that has been going through all kinds of weight loss forums for some time, the so-called “sleep diet”. Its principle is quite simple. When you sleep, you do not eat.

I would like to bite on the other side. Problems with sleeping (falling asleep, its duration, waking up) may make it significantly more difficult to lose weight in the long run. First of all, an organism which does not regenerate properly starts to work worse. On every level, including those connected with the metabolism.

Keep you awake

Secondly, sleep problems will increase stress levels. And therefore, there is a considerable risk of teasing. The effect is probably quite obvious. Regular sleep is also a dose of daily energy.

8. spice it up

It is not about the kind of plants you will use for this, rather the amount. Chilli peppers will help you raise your body temperature and help you burn fat, but in more quantities it can just be a big problem for your stomach. So use it with caution.

They are a great way to speed up weight loss from your stomach as well as bacon and herbs. I mean basil, mint, oregano and thyme among others. First of all, they will add some flavour to the food (all the more so because you have to give up the salt which is responsible for its extraction). Secondly, they will support the metabolism.

9. Eat in colour

Mix the product groups as you like. Select them by colour. “Paint” your own plate. This will help you avoid one of the biggest problems when fighting excessive weight. I mean, monotony and boredom. They can occur not only in “single product” diets. Which, by the way, I do not recommend under any circumstances.

The second thing is that we also eat with our eyes. It will be easier for you to break through and choose something dietary, if it just looks nice and attracts your eyes.

10. be active

Of course, I have not forgotten one of the most important principles related to effective weight loss. The good news is that you are not expected to strain yourself too much at first and pour out litres of sweat. Activity should be regular above all. This alone will allow your body to get in shape, improve its performance, and you will get rid of extra pounds.

be active

Whether you run, rollerblade or cycle, it makes a difference. In the sense that you just have to start doing something. To start with, for example, half an hour of running a day is enough. Do you want to start with the gym? I do not see any problem.

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