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About us

Changing your life is not an easy task but nobody said it is impossible. No matter what your goal is, just „Start over”!

Start New is a site launched by the supporters of healthy lifestyle. The main aim is to show readers what may be the source of their problems. It is important to say that effective weight loss is possible!

„Start over” is a site that should be treated as a source of information. Our content is not professional advice from a doctor or nutritionist. Remember that no-one is the same and that different methods work for different people. The effect may vary.

On the basis of reliable sources, a reliable content was prepared. Nevertheless, it should not be treated as medical advice. Such advice can only be given by a specialist after a check-up.

So what is the purpose of this website? We want to make people aware that there are natural methods that can have a real impact not only on weight, but also on other important elements. If you are interested in the content, you can ask your doctor if there is anything to prevent you from using it.